A Trojans defense?

One thing everyone can agree on with USC versus its alleged NCAA violations is that USC lost the PR campaign in large part because it never mounted its own during a four-year investigation.

The Trojans' positions were never publicized. Counter arguments were never leaked to the media. It was all prosecution, no defense.

Don't underestimate how much that cost the Trojans, by the way. The severity of the sanctions are due in large part to the NCAA's desire to make an example out of USC and to re-establish its authority amid the doubters who thought the Trojans might get off easy.

A review of USC's 2009 response and the final NCAA report certainly yields grounds for a person to go, "Hmm," which is why USC is going to appeal.

Why did USC sit quietly? Lots of reasons, but the chief one was a lack of savvy leadership. Athletic director Mike Garrett has not distinguished himself during or after this investigation.

That's why this is interesting. Somebody with access to what appears to be a hard copy of the interview transcripts from the NCAA investigation has made a couple of videos that attempt to show how flimsy the connection was between a would-be agent and USC running backs coach Todd McNair, who's alleged knowledge of the extra benefits Reggie Bush received became the almost singular linchpin of the NCAA's severe sanctions against the football program.

Watch and you decide.