NCAA responds to USC charges of 'factual errors'

We should have known that the USC-NCAA case wasn't going to just go away quietly. Not after four tumultuous years.

Yesterday it was this: USC-centric website USCfootball.com charging in a story that the NCAA's investigation into the Trojans football program contained many "mistakes and factual errors."

Today, the NCAA responded in an email. This from spokesperson Stacey Osburn:

The NCAA will not comment on the content of confidential documents. However, it is important to note that the recent story from fan site USCFootball.com takes select pieces of information from comprehensive documents out of context, weaving them into an inaccurate depiction. When reaching a decision, the Committee on Infractions carefully considers the hearing discussions and reviews all documents from all parties in their entirety, not just excerpts taken out of their original context.‬‪

So now both parties are accusing the other of taking pieces of information and "weaving them into an inaccurate depiction."

This is revealing, however, and USC should take note as it prepares its appeal. The NCAA's position is that only the totality of the case matters and that incidents of investigatory sloppiness don't (out of context or not, it's clear that NCAA investigators often got things wrong -- both dates and events).

The USC appeal needs to show clearly how the NCAA's mistakes tainted the totality of the case and led to an unfair conclusion.