Report: Titans file lawsuit against USC, Kiffin

Lane Kiffin and USC just can't stay out of the news.

The Tennessee Titans filed a lawsuit Monday against Kiffin and USC for interfering with the contract of running backs coach Kennedy Pola, according to a report in The Tennessean.

Kiffin hired Pola away from the Titans to be his running backs coach and offensive coordinator over the weekend, and it didn't go over well with Titans coach Jeff Fisher.

Apparently, Fisher -- a former Trojan -- wasn't fully mollified after a conversation with Kiffin when he was given "an accurate understanding of the timeline of events," according to a statement from Kiffin.

From the newspaper:

The lawsuit was filed in Davidson County [Tenn.] Chancery Court and it claims Pola breached his contract with the Titans after being induced by Kiffin. Pola, hired by the Titans in January, was hired by USC over the weekend as the school’s new offensive coordinator.

The lawsuit states “as a result of USC and Kiffin’s tortuous conduct, Tennessee (Titans) football has been damaged in an amount proven at trial.’’

First thought: How sympathetic would a judge or jury from the state of Tennessee be towards Kiffin?

Second though: Really?

I know it's practically un-American to take any position that is remotely sympathetic to Kiffin, but this is frivolous litigation, and USC fans should be furious at Fisher for apparently allowing it to go forward.

Fisher didn't get a courtesy call from Kiffin about Pola: So, yes, he had a right to be steamed.

Yet now his justifiable anger has become a lawsuit against is alma mater, which he might have read hasn't had the greatest of offseasons. Why file the lawsuit? One reason: To embarrass Kiffin. But by doing so, Fisher is harming USC.

Fight on! Jeff.

Sniff, sniff: Anyone else smell a PR stunt from the Titans intended to make Volunteers fans -- read: the entire state -- giddy with Schadenfreude?