On stage ... USC

PASADENA, Calif. -- Some quick hits from media day.

  • Coach Lane Kiffin with quarterback Matt Barkley. USC was picked second in the media poll after finishing tied for fifth in 2009.

  • On lawsuit with Tennessee Titans: "We cannot comment on that."

  • Kiffin on transfers: "Our front-line players have stayed." The Trojans are down to 71 scholarship players.

  • Said Kiffin: "People expect USC to start crumbling right now with the sanctions."

  • On Barkley: "He's changed his body. We feel he'll be much quicker."

  • Said of D-line: "We feel like we've got seven guys who are special."

  • Kiffin: "Depth in general is going to be an issue. ... We have to be smart how we handle our practicing." Said USC will be "more NFL-oriented in how we practice." Said O-line is most worrisome.

  • On debunking any myth about himself: "I don't know. There are a lot of them out there."

  • Barkley on transfers: "Not as many guys were on the edge as you think."

  • Kiffin on NCAA ruling allowing players to transfer: "We created free agency in college football." Said players left to get more playing time.

  • While Barkley was talking about not being able to play for a national championship for the next couple of seasons, Kiffin piped in. "So are you announcing you will return for your senior season?" Barkley: "We'll see."

  • Barkley said Kiffin opening quarterback competition with him and Mitch Mustain helped both get better.