Top restaurants and bars in Pac-10: Washington State

I thought I'd get a good response when I asked for submissions on favorite Pac-10 restaurants and bars.

Oh, my. I got 23,000 words -- 105 pages when pasted into a MS Word document.

You have opinions. And more than a few made me hungry.

My plan was to be as thorough as possible and read all of them, but -- holy, cow! -- it was. Just. Too. Much.

So consider this a salute to your general awesomeness. Kudos.

Let's begin!

We're going to break it down by school in reverse alphabetical order. So up first: Washington State.

I'm mostly going to list places that received multiple "votes." I'll include some comments. And an "*" indicates that the Pac-10 blog has been there.

So away we go...

Washington State


South Fork Public House

Black Cypress

Paradise Creek Brewery

Old European


Fireside Grill*


Dupus Boomer's (on-campus)

Tam's Place (breakfast)

Ferdinand's* (WSU creamery outlet) best ice cream and cheese you'll ever have


Dominic from Grand Forks, N.D., writes: Personally for the dining it's got to be Sella's. I'm sure that you will get tons of emails about that place too, but it's just so good. I would give anything to have a calzone and draw a picture of a cougar biting the head off a husky. Chris from Spokane writes: "Sella's calzones are the bomb. Beers are BIG, served in Mason jars. The football stadium is within walking distance." Ed from Bellevue, Wash., writes: "Still the best Calzone I've ever had (and yes, I've been to Chicago and Italy :)"

Cougar Country Drive-In

Trevor from Los Angeles writes: "It has the best burgers in town. I've had dreams about the place. Everything is fresh and the place hasn't changed in years."

Sangria Grill* (Moscow, Idaho)

Rancho Viejo

Night life

Rico's* (over 30)

Sports Page Tavern* (over 30)

The Coug* (under 30 but it's THE place in Pullman)

"Nothing says Wazzu like this place" writes just about everyone.

Stubblefield's (under 30)

My Office (over 30)

ZZU (under 30)

Valhalla (under 30)

Comments: Many, many votes for Sella's, The Coug, Rico's and Cougar County Drive-In. More than a couple of folks said Black Cypress is the best high-end restaurant in town. Matt from Pullman writes: "Kinda Mediterranean style food. One of the few places in Pullman that could belong in a big city." Au contraire, writes Craig from Los Angeles: "Swilly's is by far the best restaurant in Pullman / Moscow. Very good / great food and good wine list with lots of fairly priced Washington wines. Nice atmosphere though it can be a bit chaotic and loud on busy football weekends. Compares favorably with good restaurants anywhere." The Old European also sounded interesting, writes Arret from Burlington, Wash., "Amazing crepes, goulash, dutch babies, and other European breakfast items you will never see at your average restaurant."