Top restaurants and bars in Pac-10: Washington

One of the complications of doing a "Top Restaurants and Bars in the Pac-10" is that the Pac-10 includes so many major metropolitan areas that are among the best food cities in the country.

And so we have Seattle, which easily ranks among the top-10 U.S. food cities.

As many of you noted, we could list a "Top-10 Seattle restaurants" -- Cafe Juanita, Harvest Vine, Lark, Canlis, etc. -- and then try to find someone to pick up the $100 per person tab. Rover's made the list only because a handful of you noted it (and it's where I typically took my parents when they visited, though Pops got stuck with the tab).

Still, most of you remained within the spirit of the exercise and tried to stick with places fairly close to Husky Stadium that leaned more toward festive than haute cuisine, which is probably for the best. (And, as a former Seattle resident, I can attest this is a strong list).

Let's get to it. Remember, the "*" means I've been there.



NorthLake Tavern*

Jason from Seattle writes: Murals of UW football by the legendary David Horsey [two-time Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer], and pie so good you forget about 0-12.

The Ram in University Village*

Joey's Lake Union

Dad Watson's*

Dick's Drive-In*

Aladdin's Gyro-Cery


Sam from Portland writes: The sausage is PHENOMENAL. It kindled my love for sausage and it is benchmark to which I compare all other sausages to.

Dan from Los Angeles writes: As a student in the early 90's, I'd go once every couple weeks. Now it is a full-fledged restaurant and bar. It may have lost its ambiance due to its size now, but I keep getting drawn back in when in town.

Dukes on Lake Union*

Gary from Denver writes: Bloody Mary's, burgers and chowder at Lake Union Dukes prior to tailgating is our annual tradition.

Ezell's Chicken* (As a southerner, I can attest: this fried chicken is the real deal).

Thai Tom's*

JaK's Grill (It is with great regret I never went there while I lived in Seattle. Australian buddy of mine swore by the place).

Shane from Seattle writes: Jak's Grill Laurelhurst is bar none the best restaurant anywhere close to Husky Stadium (and damn near the best in Seattle). An amazing brunch menu featuring "Man-mosas" (giant mimosas) and for dinner, prime Nebraska beef. You can't beat it. Plus, one of the best burgers in the city.

Ray's Boat House* (An institution that delivers good seafood with a great view).

Agua Verde

Anchovies and Olives (Think it's new since I left. It's earned national praise).

Rancho Bravo

The Attic in Madison Park

Rover's* (It's a little odd to have such a swank place on the list, but Chef Thierry Rautureau is not only a genius, he's a prince of a guy. Sure he reads the Pac-10 blog everyday).

Ivar's Salmon House on north Lake Union*

Kevin from Seattle writes: For $50 you get a great seafood brunch plus roundtrip by boat, saving parking cost and traffic hassle. Nice deck for post-game librations on a sunny day. Besides, I grew up hearing Ivar sing silly shanties.

Nite life

The Duchess Tavern* (under & over 30: I wandered in one time and heard a, "What the hell are you doing here?" Seems that a couple of Huskies weren't happy to see me. Can't imagine why. Beer smoothed things out).

Brouwers* (over 30)

Norm's* (over 30)

Red Door* (under 30)

Earl's (under 30)

Peso's in Queen Anne* (over 30)

Comments: Top vote getters were: NorthLake Tavern (which does have some righteous pizza), Dick's Drive-in (the Seattle burger chain), Schultzy's, Thai Tom's, The Ram and the Duchess. The Duchess Tavern, to me, is the quintessential Huskies dive. If you like Belgian beer, Brouwer's is your heaven. Norm's is where I drank a lot of whiskey during my Seattle days. If you are a visitor, I'd suggest finding a place on the water. That's just very Seattle. I never completely "got" Dick's Drive-In -- I think the burgers at Kidd Valley are better. But then again, I've heard outsiders don't get The Varsity in Atlanta, which I find incomprehensible.