Pac-10 Power Rankings: Week 4

If you don't like where you are in the power rankings, play better.

1. Oregon: Ducks slapped Portland State aside just like they should. The matchup Saturday at Arizona State is suddenly a lot more interesting based on how the Sun Devils played at Wisconsin.

2. Arizona: A signature win against Iowa that was significant because the Wildcats were physically dominant, and when the screws tightened they asserted that dominance while the Hawkeyes wilted.

3. Stanford: Wow. That was just mean what Stanford did to Wake Forest. Seems like Jim Harbaugh was still mad about the officiating in Winston Salem last year. Andrew Luck, the nation's third-rated quarterback, has 10 TD passes vs. zero interceptions. Is it just me or is Luck good?

4. Oregon State: The win against Louisville was inconclusive as to how good the Beavers are. The game at Boise State on Saturday could make a significant statement, though.

5. USC: You know that annoying hourglass you look at when your computer is making you wait? That's what we have with the Trojans. Folks continue to be eager to write them off. I'm not so sure that's wise.

6. Arizona State: An excruciating, what-might-have-been loss at Wisconsin. But the important take-away is this, Sun Devils: You guys look like a bowl team now. Now, what can you do vs. Oregon?

7. California: Ah, Cal. There is so much we want to say. But the salient fact is this: Nine games remain. Make a stand.

8. UCLA: There was blood in the water, but the Bruins responded with an impressive win against Houston (and, by the way, UCLA established dominance well before Case Keenum went down). Now the schedule eases up with ... a visit to Texas.

9. Washington: Three things came out of the home blowout loss to Nebraska: 1. The Cornhuskers are very good; 2. Washington's rebirth should eyeball .500 before it aspires to grand expectations; 3. The "Jake Locker is overrated" contingency is dancing in the streets over Locker's career-worst performance on the big stage.

10. Washington State: The big question for the Cougars is will they muster four-quarters of fight in every game the rest of the season. The Pac-10 blog continues to believe, if they do, that will eventually yield a tangible reward.