Pac-10 predictions: Week 4

Went 8-2 last week -- Cal! drrr -- and the season record stands at 23-5.

And, yes, my Nebraska-Washington take left a lot to be desired.

Oregon 35, Arizona State 20: This will be -- by far -- the best defense Oregon has faced. If Sun Devils fans care, I just spent two minutes staring at my screen thinking, "Upset?"

Arizona 28, California 24: I wouldn't be surprised if the Wildcats -- still high on their win over Iowa -- starts slowly while Cal -- still peeved about their game at Nevada -- comes out on fire. But the Wildcats will assert themselves in the second half as the 'Zona Zoo gets motivated.

Oregon State 30, Boise State 28: Why? Because sometimes you've just got to say "what the, er, heck." Broncos fans feel free to unload on me below.

Texas 30, UCLA 17: It's close at halftime. Then the Longhorns get mad in front of the home folks.

Stanford 41, Notre Dame 28: It won't be beautiful, but Stanford wins and will set up a big-time tilt at Oregon on Oct. 2.

USC 45, Washington State 20: Much like UCLA at Texas, the Cougars will fight well into the third quarter before USC's talent takes over in a flurry of big plays.