Pac-10 Power Rankings: Week 5

If you don't like where you are in the power rankings, play better.

1. Oregon: It was fairly sloppy at Arizona State, and the defense was off its game. But a win is a win. Buckle up for Stanford.

2. Stanford: Stanford has proven its legitimacy. A win at Oregon, however, might get the Cardinal into the -- gulp -- national title discussion.

3. Arizona: If Arizona fans are peeved at being dropped behind Stanford, just know you will be No. 2 next week, no matter what. And, Wildcats fans, I'd suggest de-stressing and avoiding any unnecessary drama during the bye. You've earned it.

4. UCLA: Sure, the Bruins are just 2-2. Sure, the Bruins got beat 35-zip at home. But what other team has beaten ranked teams on consecutive weekends in impressive fashion, including ending No. 7 Texas' 16-game home winning streak? That squad only played for the national title last year.

5. USC: There were moments at Washington State that I thought: They're baaaaaack. And others, not so much. But the Trojans are lurking. The revenge matchup with a Washington team coming off a bye week -- after a horrible game with Nebraska -- is interesting.

6. Arizona State: Seven turnovers! Seven! Golly. Still, though the Sun Devils have lost two in a row, my confidence level that this is a good team has risen. In large part because every Oregon player said so. One said the Sun Devils were "10 times better" than the 2009 model.

7. California: Two very different losses. Both excruciating. But if Bears fans are looking for a silver lining, there's this: Your team was good enough -- on the road -- to push the Wildcats to the brink. And the defense clearly isn't as bad as it looked at Nevada.

8. Oregon State: The Beavers are 1-2, but we really don't know who they are. Losing to a pair of top-6 teams makes it difficult to project where the Beavers fall in the Pac-10. Arizona State is coming to Corvallis on Saturday in what is a surprisingly meaningful game for both teams, as well as figuring out the Pac-10 pecking order.

9. Washington: It's simple, Huskies. Win at USC, reclaim the season.

10. Washington State: Maybe the Cougars catch UCLA still intoxicated from the fumes of its win over Texas?