Pac-10 Power Rankings: Week 7

If you don't like where you are in the power rankings, play better.

1. Oregon: The Ducks are now ranked No. 2. They likely control their own destiny: If they win the rest of their games, they will play for the program's first national title.

2. Stanford: Many expected Stanford to roll USC. The Cardinal did not. But it might show more that they won their first tight game of the season with a clutch late drive.

3. Oregon State: Lookie here! Those scrappy little Beavers are back in the top-third of the power rankings. If Ryan Katz continues to play as well as he did at Arizona -- or, gasp, get even better -- then the Beavers will stay here, even without James Rodgers.

4. Arizona: The Wildcats fell out of the top-10 but there is no reason they can't get back there. Just a few weeks ago, this team demonstrated clear physical superiority to Iowa. The Wildcats need to get back whatever fueled that.

5. California: It's possible the Bears are pretty darn good and that the Nevada game was just one of those "any given Saturdays" that was even weirder for it being on a Friday. Really impressed with the defense against UCLA.

6. Arizona State: After Oregon beat Arizona State, Chip Kelly told me three different ways -- and without bidding -- that he thought the Sun Devils were good. If this team avoids making mistakes in bunches, it can play with anyone.

7. UCLA: The Bruins failed to maintain their momentum, and it's clear the pistol will need to evolve a passing element if it's going to be successful in conference play.

8. Washington: Good teams string together wins with consistent performances. The Huskies aren't at that point yet. Not beating the Sun Devils at home means they are going to need at least a couple of upsets to earn bowl eligibility.

9. USC: It feels weird ranking the Trojans ninth in the Pac-10. But not as weird as it would have a year ago. And there were some things to like -- including a show of heart -- from the loss at Stanford. It appears the Trojans have an offense that might be able to outscore people. And with their defense, that's probably the only way they're going to win games.

10. Washington State: Warning, Pac-10. If you take the Cougars lightly and assume a victory, you are going to lose. Just got a feeling this team is going to beat someone this year. Also, level-headed Cougars fans should start thinking about the wisdom of letting Paul Wulff coach into his fourth year. This team is improving.