Interesting clause in Chip Kelly's contract

Oregon coach Chip Kelly is generating a lot of buzz as a potential candidate at Florida after Urban Meyer resigned.

That makes sense. For one, reporters have to make wish lists when a big-time job opens up, and those always include the best and hottest coaches around. Kelly qualifies.

I pointed out some reasons Wednesday why I think Kelly stays put in Eugene, including a monstrous $4 million buyout.

You could toss in the bad timing: Would Florida wait until after the national title game on Jan. 10 to make it official? That's not ideal for the Gators, particularly for recruiting.

But Ken Goe found some interesting clauses in Kelly's contract that would further complicate things. Writes Goe:

And, a clause in the contract stipulates that Kelly must give Oregon 15 days written notice before leaving, and further stipulates he cannot leave during the regular season or before a postseason bowl game in which Oregon is a participant.

In other words, Florida would have to really, really want only Kelly to make the hire.

That still might be the case. But Oregon has done a good job of protecting itself, and Kelly's willingness to agree to a big buyout and such restrictive clauses shows that he wasn't terribly focused on a way to bolt town.