Big payout for two BCS bowl teams

How much was the Pac-10's second BCS bowl berth worth this year? Try $6 million, or $600,000 per team.

The conferences and institutions participating in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) today released unofficial and estimated data of the net revenue from the 2010-11 games Tuesday, and the Pac-10 received a windfall because it placed two teams in BCS bowl games -- Oregon in the national title game and Stanford in the Orange Bowl -- for the first time since 2002.

The Pac-10, SEC and Big Ten each were paid $27.2 million as automatically qualifying BCS conferences with two BCS bowl teams.

The ACC, Big East and Big 12 got $21.2 million each.

And because the Pac-10 is the only 10-team conference that got a share for two BCS bowl teams, that extra $6 million was divided fewer times and therefore meant money money for each school.

Top-heavy ain't so bad sometimes, eh?