Pac-12 commish Scott speaks on TV deal

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott spoke to reporters at the conference basketball tournament -- basketball? What's that? -- and his on-going negotiations for a new TV contract came up.

Here's what he said (drum roll, please).

On where they are in negotiations for a new TV deal

“We’re in our negotiating periods with our incumbent partner. I’m not going to comment on the details or how that’s going, but I expect it’s going to take a fair few months to get through the process.”

On if they will push for earlier start times on TV

“We’re definitely looking at the overarching issue which is how do we get more national exposure for basketball and football in particular. I think it’s a complex set of issues -- I don’t think it’s just about start time. It’s got a lot to do with what broadcasters are on, having national clearance versus regional clearance, start times to some extent, nights we play -- we’re the most rigid of any conference out there -- so there’s a whole set of issues, but that topic is something I’ve been razor focused on and we’re determined."

Those quotes were provided by the conference. And they probably didn't merit a drum roll.

Scott has told me a couple of times -- he's very good at seeming like he's going to tell you something new and then not doing it, which is a nice skill -- that the deal won't be finalized until the summer.