New technology in the Pac-10

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

The helmet cams didn't seem to work very well Thursday night at Boise State, but Oregon's use of them during preseason practices is one example of how college football teams are adopting innovative technology to advance their cause.

Oregon embraces all sorts of technology. Whether it's a locker room that features video game systems in each locker or film study with the XOS system or uniforms that are remarkable for their utility as well as their, well, oddness.

But the Ducks aren't alone.

UCLA and Arizona State are among the programs using two-way video conferencing (Skype).

The Bruins also use a virtual recruiting board, completely digitized recruiting film and phones equipped with video capability.

Oregon State isn't mailing out media guides anymore -- it's using a fancypants Web site to sell the program. Arizona State is also.

Of course, Pac-10 coaches are some of the best "Tweeters" -- see Pete Carroll, Jim Harbaugh and Steve Sarkisian.

Sarkisian has his own Web site. As does Carroll.

These are not things you could imagine Bear Bryant or Don James using.

But it's a different age, and those who do not embrace available new technologies might get left behind.