Pac-12, Big Ten aligned, just not officially

Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg pointed out this morning that while the official Pac-12-Big Ten scheduling alliance isn't going to happen as a 12-team versus 12-team deal, the two conferences still play each other often over the coming years.

Rittenberg also pointed out that Wisconsin tried to schedule a home-and-home series with Alabama, but Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide went and hid behind their sofa.

Hey, just paraphrasing what Adam wrote.

Rittenberg pointed out that "there are 19 games between Big Ten and Pac-12 teams scheduled to take place during the next four seasons, as well as several other matchups in 2016 and beyond."

He then provide an excellent opportunity for me to use the cut and paste tool on my new MacBook Air!

2012 (four games)

Illinois at Arizona State, Sept. 8

Nebraska at UCLA, Sept. 8

Wisconsin at Oregon State, Sept. 8

California at Ohio State, Sept. 15

2013 (five games)

Washington at Illinois

UCLA at Nebraska

Northwestern at California

Ohio State at California

Wisconsin at Arizona State

2014 (five games)

Illinois at Washington

California at Northwestern

Michigan State at Oregon

Utah at Michigan

Wisconsin at Washington State

2015 (five games)

Oregon at Michigan State

Michigan at Utah

Washington State at Wisconsin

Oregon State at Michigan

Stanford at Northwestern

How about Cal playing two home games versus Big Ten foes next year?

Further, writes Rittenberg:

Other upcoming series include Michigan-Colorado (2016), Wisconsin-Washington (2018-2019), Minnesota-Oregon State (2017-18) and Northwestern-Stanford (2019-2022). Purdue and Colorado have a verbal agreement for a home-and-home series in 2016 and 2017, which Purdue says will remain intact despite the end of the scheduling alliance. Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon and Northwestern athletic director Jim Phillips both confirmed that their teams' games against Pac-12 opponents also will be honored.

What's great about these series is the majority are home-and-home, meaning fans get to see an A-list foe in their home stadium and then get an A-list opportunity for a road trip.

One downer: Where's USC? The Trojans, it turns out, are kind of doing their own thing with their future nonconference schedules, most notably with series with Texas, Texas A&M and Tennessee.

Wonder what Alabama and Saban would do if USC called. Move to the Cayman Islands?

I'm kidding! Sort of.