Pac-10 bowl projections

No more two BCS bowl teams for the Pac-10. And USC won't be the BCS bowl representative.

Those are the two lead revelations after this weekend's action.

Now, last week, some folks got on the Pac-10 blog for projecting Oregon State in the Sun Bowl, noting in e-mails that the bowl has a "no-repeat clause."

That's true. But it's optional. The bowl can do what it wants with its third slot. A repeat with the Beavers, despite that 3-0 monstrosity vs. Pittsburgh last year, might be more appealing that other options.

In fact, that's part of the problem with bowl projections -- there's not a straight merit system in place. For example, the Emerald Bowl wants a Bay Area team, so it likely would take California over Oregon State. Each bowl has priorities and it will select the team that best fits those when its slot comes up.

Also, while not projected below, UCLA could play in a bowl game if it gets a sixth win. But, because the Pac-10 only has six bowl contracts, it would have to fill a spot in a bowl looking for an at-large team because it can't fill a spot with a contracted team.

Here's a handy bowl schedule. And other bowl projections.

Rose Bowl Game presented by Citi: Oregon vs. Big Ten

Pacific Life Holiday: Stanford vs. Big 12

Brut Sun: USC vs. Big 12/Big East/Notre Dame (a rematch with the Trojans?)

Emerald: California vs. ACC

MAACO Las Vegas: Oregon State vs. Mountain West

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia: Arizona vs. Mountain West