Another plot twist from Seantrel Henderson

Does Seantrel Henderson realize that offensive linemen are not supposed to be prima donnas?

It seems that the 6-foot-8, 335-pounder, rated the top offensive lineman on the ESPNU 150, is still not ready to surrender the spotlight, as the Pioneer-Press reported that Henderson wouldn't -- as he announced just this week he would -- sign a letter of intent Thursday to go to USC.

What's the problem? From the story: "Because of scheduling logistics, the St. Paul-based private school won't hold the signing on Thursday, and instead, is targeting perhaps a day next week."

"Scheduling logistics?" He's signing a piece of paper.

That's not entirely fair, of course. Michael Lev, USC beat writer for Orange County Register, points out that a fax machine also must be found.

Is Henderson having a change of heart? No indication that he is, but it appears we'll have another report on "As the Henderson Turns" next week.