Arizona and Washington State move forward with new ADs

When a football coach is asked about an athletic director, there are two main issues: 1. job security; 2. facilities.

Both are even bigger issues when the AD is new, as is the case for Arizona coach Mike Stoops and Washington State coach Paul Wulff this season.

During my visit with Wulff this week, he talked about both. Incoming athletic director Bill Moos is a former Washington State football player who was highly successful as Montana's and Oregon's athletic director. Moos did an outstanding job upgrading football facilities at both schools, and that's a big issue at Washington State.

Moos also was one of the men responsible for Wulff getting hired two years ago. So Wulff feels he'll get a fair shake from Moos as the Cougars try to climb out of the Pac-10 cellar.

"He's always been in my corner," Wulff said. "He believes in my plan."

Stoops doesn't have the same job security issues that Wulff might, but Arizona also is trying to take another step up in the conference, and Stoops has long believed that means the football facilities need to be upgraded.

Based on a chat with the Tucson Citizen linked above, Stoops seems to believe new AD Greg Byrne, an Arizona State graduate who arrives in Tucson after two years at Mississippi State, will be an ace fundraiser who can make upgrade plans a reality.