Cal player serves up some roast duck ahead of Oregon game

At least one California player is hungry to beat Oregon this Saturday -- literally.

Golden Bears defensive tackle Mustafa Jalil spoke at a weekly press conference Tuesday, and he brought some food with him.

"Why not get the feast started with roast duck from the Mandarin House?" Jalil asked the media, according to Scout's Ryan Gorcey.

Jalil was reportedly fired up at the presser, claiming "Oregon doesn't want this as bad as we do" before leaving the roast duck on the podium before he left.

"I'm leaving this up here in case anyone's hungry," he said.

The Bears are certainly starved for a win: After a 5-0 start, they've dropped three straight games. A victory over Oregon would be their first over the Ducks in seven tries.

Oregon, by the way, had been been a popular target for jabs even prior to Jalil's antics, but most came over social media. Arizona posted a reference to the classic arcade game Duck Hunt after their 31-24 win in Eugene last year:

Washington State didn't play nice after their double-overtime victory over the Ducks, either. They brought back memories of the legendary video game Oregon Trail:

Jalil's case is exceptional: Unlike those post-win salvos, he's sending a message before the game is even played, and he made the roast duck actually physically appear in person. This was more than just a Twitter blow.

So yes, more shots fired. Will the Ducks strike back? We'll find out Saturday.