Pac-10 contact? Utah AD turns vague

Has Utah been contacted by the Pac-10?

Lya Wodraska of the Salt Lake Tribune asked Utah athletic director Chris Hill that question on Wednesday. She describes what happened next:

He didn't say yes and he didn't say no, opting to be vague he said because no matter what he says because "I wouldn't want to be out in front," he said. "Everything you say, people take it and run with it."

Hill is always one to play things close to the chest, but he is definitely being more vague regarding the Pac-10 than he has been in the past, even when we talked at the MWC basketball tournament he was direct in saying nothing official was happening and that he hadn't heard from anyone.

So, I guess now you can take Hill's comments and as he said, run with them however you like.

A few ways to see this: 1. Hill has been contacted but doesn't want to confirm it; 2. Hill expects to be contacted and is proactively being vague in anticipation of avoiding the question down the road; 3. Hill hasn't been contacted but wants, for his own reasons, as Wodraska writes, "to play things close to the chest."

Utah is one of very few legitimate expansion options for the Pac-10. What will be interesting to follow is the local politics if Utah is invited to join the Pac-10 and BYU, as expected, is not.

More than a few politicians in Utah probably won't like that and may try to block the move if BYU isn't included. That could get interesting.