No wrongdoing found with Bellotti's golden parachute

The $2.3 million golden parachute Oregon gave to former football coach and athletic director Mike Bellotti wasn't illegal but it was handled badly, according to the state's attorney general.

The state Department of Justice found no criminal wrongdoing, but faulted Oregon lawyers for failing to provide Bellotti with a written contract when he took over the athletic director's job after 14 seasons as football coach.

School president Richard Lariviere announced last week that the university's general counsel, Melinda Grier, will not have her contract renewed when it expires next year.

No public funds would be used for Bellotti's buyout. It will be paid for by donors. And the AG office said the amount of the buyout "was not unreasonable."

Here's the story from The Oregonian. And Ken Goe's take.