Breaking down the Pac-12 financials

Doing your own tax returns is a headache. Reading someone else's? That's not a load of fun either.

However, when it comes to reading the returns from the Pac-12, no one does it better than The Mercury News' Jon Wilner, who broke down the Pac-12's financials from the 2015 fiscal year, or CBS Sports' Jon Solomon, who also broke down the Pac-12's financials.

One of the most surprising takeaways? That there are nine Pac-12 employees -- excluding commissioner Larry Scott, who raked in more than $4 million -- who are making more money than the second-highest-paid employee in the SEC, which (by the way) made about $88 million more than the Pac-12 during the FY2015.

Their research is chock full of interesting tidbits. But, many Pac-12 fans are wondering what comes next for their beloved conference. Wilner takes a look (and it might scare you a bit).

"From this corner of the galaxy, it appears the Pac-12 is approaching its revenue ceiling," he writes.

He goes on: "The revenue streams for the SEC and Big Ten are growing at a much faster rate than those of the Pac-12. ... Really, the league’s best hope is to renegotiate its Tier 1 deal and hope changes in technology and consumer behavior allow it to reap the rewards of 100 percent ownership in the Pac12Nets. But that’s eight years away. Think about that -- about the possibility that for eight more years, the average Pac-12 school will receive $10 million less than the average Big Ten or SEC school."

A few of the breakdowns from both Wilner and Solomon's research:

Distribution per school vs. other conferences:

  • SEC: $32.7 million (86.6 percent of the SEC's revenue)

  • Big Ten: $32 million (complete conference finances have yet to be disclosed)

  • Pac-12: $25.1 millions (68.5 percent of the Pac-12's revenue)

  • Big 12: $23.3 millions (88 percent of the Big 12's revenue)

Larry Scott's personal financials:

  • $2.55 million: Base salary

  • $1.25 million: Bonus

  • $142,459: Other reportable compensation

  • $77,500: Retirement and deferred compensation

  • $30,950: Nontaxable benefits

Other Pac-12 employees pulling in more than $340K:

  • Scott (see above)

  • Lydia Murphy Stephens, president of Pac-12 Networks ($1,247,223)

  • Ronald McQuate, CFO ($461,790)

  • Arturo Marquez, senior VP of affiliate sales ($597,918)

  • Neil Davis, executive VP of sales ($568,493)

  • Brent Willman, senior VP of finance ($514,526)

  • Danette Leighton, CMO ($501,654)

  • Jonathan Leess, executive VP of ops ($478,798)

  • Kevin Weiberg, former deputy commissioner ($340,548)

It's a lot of dense information, but Wilner and Solomon both do a good job of breaking it down and it's worth your time to take a look at the numbers in both of their reports.