USC Bookstore trolls Alabama with shirt that reads 'Roll Tears Roll'

LOS ANGELES -- Remember those “We Want Bama” shirts Oregon students had printed up a few years back?

The USC Bookstore -- the actual bookstore, not a group of students -- didn’t learn from their mistake.

On sale, both online and in person, in anticipation of USC’s Sept. 3 opener in Arlington, Texas, against defending national champion Alabama, are cardinal-and-gold shirts that read: “Roll Tears Roll.”

It’s not the first time the phrase has been used to troll Alabama, and not a horrible idea if the only goal is to sell a few shirts, but this isn’t the type of thing that sits well in Tuscaloosa ... and it sets up the potential for embarrassment down the road.

Not that this really adds much in the grand scheme of things, but Trojans coach Clay Helton didn’t need any more pressure.

The shirts are being sold for $19.95 and, apparently, are going fast.