Stanford provost: Give the kids a break

Stanford provost John Etchemendy knows not every professor at the university joyously shouts, "Go Cardinal!" but he does hope they overcome their snobbish pretensions and allow their students to pursue happiness in Miami in early January.

Etchemendy has appealed to Stanford faculty to not penalize students who attend the Discover Orange Bowl on Jan. 3, which is the first day of classes after Christmas Break.

He wrote:

I’m writing to ask that you show the same support and flexibility for students who want to accompany our football team to the Orange Bowl on Jan. 3. This Cardinal football team is exceptional in its success, and we can understand the students’ eagerness to attend the game and show the team the support they deserve.

The president and I hope you will remain flexible with students who miss the first day or two of classes to travel to Florida. This may be a unique event for our students, and we understand their desire to fully embrace the opportunity. We hope you do, too.

So, Stanford students: Go and drink life to the lees. On South Beach.