What's the Pac-12 NFL presence?

The NFL draft starts on April 28th, and ESPN Magazine compiled a list of NFL players by conference: So how does the Pac-12 rate?

The Pac-10 presently has 215 NFL players. The top producers of NFL talent, at present, are:

USC ... 39

California ... 33

Oregon ... 25

Oregon State ... 22

Arizona State ... 21

UCLA ... 19

USC finished fifth overall, with Miami No. 1 with 45 players, LSU second with 44 and Texas and Ohio State tied with 42.

This might be a surprise: Cal has more NFL players than Auburn (27), Alabama (26), Florida State (31), Penn State (29), Oklahoma (30) and Notre Dame (27).

So how do the new members, Colorado and Utah rate?

Utah ... 21

Colorado ... 16

The SEC led all conferences with 308 players. If you added in Utah and Colorado to the old Pac-10, the Pac-12 would rate third overall with 252 players. The Big Ten has 285 (with Nebraska) and the ACC has 278.