Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed my chat -- for shame! -- you can read the entire transcript here.

Or you can review some of these, which I will call "highlights" for lack of a better term.

Jacob (behind enemy lines (tucson): Ted, love your work. As a duck fan, could you do a 1-10 on how bad the accusations are against Oregon, assuming that they are true? Can you give a comparison to where USC's infractions would be on that scale?

Ted Miller (3:08 PM): We don't know yet is the most accurate answer. Oregon has yet to get an official letter of inquiry from the NCAA. at this point, everything is preliminary and much of the media reports involve speculation. With Oregon, it's not so much true or not -- not unlike USC. It seems that things ARE true. Oregon gave Lyles a lot of money, apparently for very little. The NCAA will interpret -- and there's a rule loophole here that helps the Oregon cause -- just as it did with USC. It will be about intent and what Oregon actually knew or should have known. Not unlike USC. At this point, I'd say Oregon fans should put their worry at about a 7.

John (Tacoma): UW back in the Rose Bowl in the next 3 years: your odds?

Ted Miller (3:09 PM): 50-50.... which is pretty optimistic for a program that was 0-12 in 2008.

Brian (Sacramento ): Ted, with another winning season at Stanford, do you think Stanford will fill its stadium again? We filled it back in the 70s and 80s when the stadium was 80,000.

Ted Miller (3:11 PM): You'd think, wouldn't you? An NFL lockout, by the way, might help. Stanford has a great stadium, great tailgate area, etc. I'd be surprised if the stadium doesn't fill up this year by midseason if the Cardinal remains in the top-10.

G.D. (AZ): Ted, what do you see Utah becoming in the Pac12? A perennial middle of the pack team?, Perennial contenders?, Bottom dwellers? Where?

Ted Miller (3:14 PM): I see Utah being a mid-level contender. I don't see it owning the south, particularly when USC gets back on its feet, but I think the Utes are a winning program and will stay that way. And every few years they will be in the thick of the Rose Bowl race.

Sam the Sham (Seattle): Which receiver freshman will have a bigger year, Kasen Williams or George Farmer?

Ted Miller (3:16 PM): Ohhh... good one... I really don't get to watch too much high school film but these 2 might be the best prep receivers in the nation. I'd say Farmer because the Trojans supporting cast at WR isn't as experienced as the Huskies and Farmer has Matt Barkley, a third-year starter, vs. Keith Price, a first-year starter.

Daniel (SF): Ted, in your opinion how do you see Stanford in 2012 and beyond, post-Harbaugh and post-Luck? Do they slide back to mediocrity?

Ted Miller (3:52 PM): Stanford is doing well in recruiting. I think the momentum is there to stay competitive and not to slide back to the Teevens-Harris years -- or even the up-and-downs of Willingham. Let's see how the team responds to the new coaches this year.

Adam (LA): What do you see in UCLA's future for this year and beyond? Is Rick a part of that vision?

Ted Miller (3:53 PM): Neuheisel is on the hotseat and his present team has questions. This season could provide a verdict on him. If the Bruins do well, and he survives, it could be the first step of a turnaround. But if he posts another losing season, you'd wonder if he'd be able to get another BCS-class head coaching job.