Who's stacked with NFL prospects?

ESPN.com's Chris Sprow looks at the college football teams with the most NFL prospects, and two Pac-12 teams make his top-10.

And it's a sign of the changing times in the conference who's ahead of the other, a program which stocks NFL rosters annually.

Here's what he's got to say about NFL draft powerhouse -- Stanford -- which ranks just behind No. 1 Alabama.

2. Stanford Cardinal

Don't scoff, SEC fans. They could be No. 1. Last week, an NFC director of scouting told me, "All you need to know about Andrew Luck is if he'd come out last year, he'd have been No. 1, no question." Well, sure. That's not a bold assessment. "And maybe the year before, too," he said. So there's Luck, perhaps the best QB prospect in a generation. But check his blindside. Jonathan Martin would go in the top 10 if the draft were tomorrow. That's two Cardinal (singular) off the board early, which means they are easily 1A. Throw in wideout Chris Owusu, tight end Coby Fleener, top junior guard David DeCastro and outside linebacker Chase Thomas. And if football doesn't work out, they can all work in food service Congress.

And then there's USC at No. 5

5. USC Trojans

Top-heavy, but elite. (Don't worry SC fans, the underclasses are loaded up again.) Matt Barkley has a Clausenesque vibe that may frighten some scouts, but he has all the tools, and the intangibles. If you want experience, after his junior year he'll have well over 30 starts. But he's not even as highly-ranked as junior OT Matt Kalil, who could be the first tackle taken in April if he comes out. Keep an eye on junior safety T.J. McDonald.

It's going to be interesting to see who gets drafted first, Martin or Kalil. Kalil is touted for his upside and obvious has good bloodlines -- he's the younger brother of Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil. But Martin has been more productive in college. The Cardinal offensive line certainly was better than the Trojans last season, even though Kalil was the tackle opposite Tyron Smith, who was picked ninth overall by Dallas.