Pac-12 All-Underrated team

We're publishing an All-Pac-12 team on Friday, but the process of putting that together -- and reviewing the coaches All-Conference team -- made me think of all the guys who slip under the radar.

And thus we have our All-Underrated Pac-12 team.


QB Darron Thomas, Oregon: Sure, he at times was off-target this year. But how many teams across the country would want a QB who was off-target with 30 TD passes and just six interceptions?

RB Isi Sofele, California: More than a couple of Pac-12 coaches talked about him when asked who the conference's best RB was.

RB Cameron Marshall, Arizona State: He scored 18 TDs, more than anyone else in the conference. And he was hurt almost the entire year.

WR Gerell Robinson, Arizona State: Overcame some early dropsies to post big numbers, including 18.1 yards per catch, which led the conference.

WR Marvin Jones, California: A Mr. Reliable with 33 starts, he very quietly posted a nice career.

TE Randall Telfer, USC: The Trojans' third-leading receiver caught five TD passes and averaged 10.5 yards per reception.

OL Mark Asper, Oregon: How do the Ducks block so well without a single first- or second-team All-Pac-12 O-lineman?

OL Khaled Holmes, USC: He made second-team All-Pac-12 but he was probably the best center in the conference this year.

OL John Fullington, Washington State: The true sophomore has a chance to be all-conference next year.

OL Justin Cheadle, California: Named the Bears' most improved lineman. Led the team with 15.5 pancake blocks.

OL Sam Schwartzstein, Stanford: Tough replacing Chase Beeler, but Schwartzstein was outstanding this season.


DE Scott Crichton, Oregon State: The undersized freshman was highly productive, with six sacks and 14.5 tackles for a loss.

DE Josh Hartigan, Colorado: He's led the Buffaloes in sacks for two years, recording seven this past season.

DT Matt Masifilo, Stanford: A three-year starter and four-year contributor, he had eight tackles for a loss this year.

DT Taylor Hart, Oregon: A high-motor try-hard guy who's got great length and underrated athletic ability.

LB Michael Clay, Oregon: Missed some action due to injury but his 9.2 tackles per game in nine games ranked second in the Pac-12.

LB Chaz Walker, Utah: One of two players who had more than 100 tackles this year. Big reason the Utes were so good vs. run.

LB D.J. Holt, California: The Bears "other" LB beside Mychal Kendricks. Had 10.5 tackles for a loss.

CB Conroy Black, Utah: Had four interceptions for the Utes. Truth is, it could have been fellow CB Ryan Lacy here, too.

CB Tramayne Bondurant, Arizona: A versatile athlete, the true freshman played nickel back for Arizona, coming on late in the season to look like a budding star.

S Brian Blechen, Utah: He started the season at LB and then moved to safety. Dude is just all football player, if you know what I mean.

S Sean Cattouse, California: Sure, he has the highlight with Andrew Luck. But did you know he's a really good player?

Utility: Ryan Hewitt, Stanford: He's a fullback/tight end. Basically, he's a good football player.

Utility II: Jamal Miles, Arizona State: Returned two kickoffs for TDs this year. Rushed for 237 yards. Caught 60 passes. Threw a TD pass.