Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed my Thursday chat, you'll probably break out in a fungus. Or something more dire.

But if you're up to it, you can read the entire transcript here.

Here are some handy highlights if you are in a hurry.

Mike (KC): Will Utah's D be as stout as it's shaping up to be? Do they have a shot at the South Title?

Ted Miller (3:04 PM): First, I think Utah might end up with the best defense in the Pac-12, but the Utes again benefit in 2012 from NOT playing Oregon or Stanford. As for the South, the Utes look like the No. 2 pick. Hard to see them eclipsing USC this season. And a lot hangs on what happens at QB.

Jacob (Tucson): Arizona winters suck, I saw another cloud today.Anyway, what are you fearless predictions about DAT at Oregon, Will he rush for 1300 yards this year?

Ted Miller (3:09 PM): It is tough today. I went for a bike ride and cursed myself for wearing a long sleeve shirt. As for De'Anthony Thomas, I think he's got a good shot of produce 1,500-2,000 yards of offense, combined as a rusher and receiver. That run at the Rose Bowl was just mind blowing. If he stays focused, Chip Kelly will win him a Heisman.

Ryan (Cincinnati) I'm gonna start by saying USC is the top team in the South (maybe even the whole Pac-12), but i think Arizona is number 2 in the South. Am i delusional or smart?

Ted Miller (3:14 PM) I'm a Utah lean, but Arizona and UCLA strike me as teams that will be better than folks think.

Trent (Seattle) This may be a blog post you're working on but anyway here it goes.If you were compiling a roster of 22 from the Pac 12 to compete against the other BCS conferences, who would your starting 22 players be? Maybe just answer for the skill players if you're short on time.

Ted Miller (3:15 PM) Barkley, De'Anthony, Woods/Lee/Allen/Wilson... John White, Zach Ertz... Not sure many other conferences could match that.

Steve Sarkisian (Your 5 star kid's backyard) Did firing Nick Holt help or hurt my team's recruiting this year?

Ted Miller (3:25 PM) Not so much firing Holt as hiring Wilcox... everyone knows how good a coach he is.

Bennett (Seattle) Who will be the most improved team next year.

Ted Miller (3:28 PM) I think Oregon State, Washington State and Arizona are the candidates. The Wildcats need QB Matt Scott to stay healthy, but their personnel on defense seems to work well with a 3-3-5 scheme. If the Beavers get decent O and D line play, they will be better. Like the Cougs pairing with Leach. He's got the QBs and WRs to immediately get his pass-happy system going

Kevin (Reno, NV) Which Bay Area quarterback do you project will have the better PAC 12 career, Zach Kline or Brett Nottingham?

Ted Miller (3:30 PM) I can't predict because I've never seen either play. This might surprise you, but I try not to take a position when I have no idea what I am talking about. I'm wrong all the time, but at least I'm trying to make educated guesses. I hear good things about both these guys. I'd only give a slight edge to Nottingham because I think he's going to have a better supporting cast in the short term, particularly his O-line.

Johnny (Denver) Where's the Colorado love? Despite the record I believe Embree has the Buffs in the right direction, 13 straight weeks with know bye was killer

Ted Miller (3:34 PM) I like what Embree is doing so far, but look at what they lost: Starting QB, starting RB, best O-lineman, some hits on the D-line, etc.... I think you'll really start to see some improvement in 2013... this season might not be much better. But,yes, the schedule is much better than last year.

Eric (L.A., CA) I think UCLA will be better than you think. Mazzone will be able to develop a QB well enough and Mora will be able to improve the defense enough to win 8 regular season games next year. Mark that down!

Ted Miller (3:38 PM) Didn't I just say that I think UCLA will be better than folks think... I don't think the Bruins will eclipse USC in the South in 2012. But Mora has hit many of the right notes so far... And I've long been a Mazzone fan. Brock Osweiler wouldn't be headed to the NFL without him. And I wouldn't be shocked with 8 wins... not predicting it, but wouldn't be shocked.

Brandt (Seattle) With Keith Price bulking up in the offseason, do you think the Huskies will let him run more or protect him w/o a defined backup QB yet? Will KP break his own passing TD record next season?

Ted Miller (3:40 PM) I think Sark wants Price to be a drop-back passer with the ability to scramble, if necessary. I doubt you'll see a bunch of called runs for Price. Keeping Price healthy is about the most important thing the Huskies can do in 2012.

jon (chicago) How do the Utes handle their offensive backfield of Kelvin York, John White and Harvy Langi. Redshirt Langi? I hate to see them take carries away for JW, he seemed to get better with more carries... Rest is good but JWIV is the wolfman!!!

Ted Miller (3:45 PM) It seems the best rushing teams have 2 backs getting plenty of touches. while White was very good last year, the utes only rushed for 137 yards per game. I know Whittingham would like to be closer to 175 or so.

Brady (Portland, OR) Do you see any Pac-12 teams going unbeaten next season? If not do you think a 1 loss team will still get into the championship game?

Ted Miller (3:48 PM) I think the winner of the USC-Oregon game has a shot. The Trojans and Ducks will be favored in every other game they play. As far as the 1-loss team playing for the title, that's where the schedule hurts. USC has an advantage there if Notre Dame has a good season.

HugeIn (TheEug) You can individually pick any offensive unit, defensive unit and special teams unit to put together your ideal school for 2012. Who do you pick? I'd go Oregon offense (yes, I am biased), Utah defense and maybe USC's special teams.

Ted Miller (3:51 PM) I'd take USC's offense over Oregon at this point. Utah's defense, though a young Cal unit might be sneaky good. USC special teams, too. Both K & P back, and a very good coach.

Drew (Myrtle Beach) Washington, Cal, or Stanford. Who wins the battle for 2nd place in the North?

Ted Miller (3:54 PM) As of today... Stanford, Washington, Cal would be my order....