What about Oregon?

ESPN.com Insider KC Joyner thinks folks are over-hyping USC at the expense of Oregon, which he seems to view as the Pac-12 favorite. Or at least co-favorite.

But he doesn't just assert. He supports his position with seven thoughtful reasons.Insider

His main points:

  • Oregon's offensive losses are not as great as generally thought.

  • The USC pass offense has consistency issues.

  • USC's defense has similar consistency issues.

  • USC has a young shutdown cornerback, but so does Oregon.

  • USC took a bigger offseason hit to its pass rush than did Oregon.

  • Oregon's defense is better at forcing opposing offenses into mistakes.

  • Oregon's schedule strength is very similar to USC's.

You'll have to read the article to learn how he supports these points, but I think USC's status as Pac-12 favorite and national title contender hangs on four issues.

  • The Trojans need to stay healthy, particularly quarterback Matt Barkley, running back Curtis McNeal and both lines.

  • Who replaces Matt Kalil at left tackle?

  • The Trojans have questions on the defensive line.

  • Can the Trojans overcome a longstanding tendancy to have at least one game a season when they just don't show up?

The defensive questions are legit, but keep in mind the Trojans' young linebacker are fast and talented, and the secondary has a chance to be the best in the Pac-12.

Still, I think you can reduce it to this: If USC stays healthy on offense, it will be able to outscore just about anyone, and that will overcome defensive questions.

Will it be enough to overcome Oregon on Nov. 3 in the Coliseum? My hunch today is yes. But a hunch on February 24 is worthless, particularly when we don't yet know what sort of production the Ducks will get out of their new quarterback.