Larry Scott taking lead with playoff talk

More and more folks believe there will be a legitimate college football playoff starting in 2014, and one of the big reasons more and more folks are typing that is Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott is taking a lead in saying it.

On Feb. 9, Scott told the Pac-12 blog this: "As a conference we haven't taken a position. We are open-minded and we'll look at some creative approaches here with a fresh set of eyes. I am confident we can improve upon postseason college football. I am encouraged hearing ideas coming out of the Big Ten."

But Scott also noted how important that the Rose Bowl to the Pac-12.

He doesn't talk much about the Rose Bowl in this New York Times article, which leads with this: "The most likely outcome will be a three-game playoff -- a final four of football -- to replace the Bowl Championship Series system."

Scott supports a number of positions that have been discussed of late: 1. Only conference champions will be eligible, which would have left this year's national champ, Alabama, out of the picture; 2. He favored home sites for semifinal games with a neutral-site game for the national title game; 3. Scott also is in favor of having the season end closer to Jan. 1, which once was the traditional day for the major bowl games for all of you who are under 30.

How should we interpret this? Are we really closing in on a playoff?

Here's how the Dallas Morning News saw things: "If there was any lingering doubt about the current direction of the BCS after the 2014 bowl games, Scott pretty much removed it with his New York Times interview."