Pac-12's APR ratings

The NCAA released the latest academic progress rate scores Wednesday.

The APR measures how well schools are retaining student-athletes and moving them toward graduation over a four-year period. Teams dropping below 900 over that span are subject to penalty, including loss of scholarships and postseason bans. Here's the news story on the 10 teams out of the postseason in 2012-2013.

I thought about a giant headline that read "Huskies Banned From Postseason," but that's just cruel and it's only Wednesday. Connecticut basketball was the first program from a "big six" conference to be hit with a postseason ban because of sub-standard APR numbers.

Fear not, the Pac-12 football teams are penalty-free.

Here's how the conference football teams shaped up in the multi-year rating ending with the 2010-2011 academic year:

  1. Stanford: 977

  2. Utah: 966*

  3. UCLA: 956

  4. Oregon State: 955

  5. Arizona: 951

  6. Washington: 949

  7. Oregon: 948

  8. USC: 947

  9. Colorado: 938*

  10. Arizona State: 937

  11. Cal: 936

  12. Washington State: 933

You can search for schools, conferences and sports by year here.

*Utah and Colorado were not members of the conference during these academic years.