Vote for the best game of 2011

Best college football game in 2011? The correct answer is Stanford's 56-48 triple-overtime win over USC.

But, as shocking as this surely is to all of us, it appears some benighted folks hold opinions that, gulp, differ from mine.

I know: Absurd!

And here's your chance to vote on the best game in 2011!

From our friends at ESPNU:

ESPNU is celebrating the 25 best college football games of the 2011 season and needs your help. Below are the five games that an expert panel deemed to be the most exciting. They will all air in their entirety on July 15-16, but the order is up to you. Mouse over the photos below to refresh your memory and then click the images to set your rankings. Games ranked No. 5 through No. 3 will air on July 15 and the top two games will air on July 16.

Here's how I would vote:

  1. Stanford-USC: If you saw this game -- and were being objective -- you would vote it No. 1. Two elite teams led by super-elite QBs playing at an extremely high level. The only knock on it was it ended with a fumble.

  2. Michigan State 37, Wisconsin 31: Two good teams, epic fourth quarter with a great finish. Well, not if you root for Wisky, which got its revenge in an also incredibly entertaining Big Ten title game.

  3. Michigan 35, Notre Dame 31: A spectacular Wolverines comeback in the Big House against a middling team.

  4. Baylor 50, TCU 48: A hello world moment for Robert Griffin III, but this was just a basic barnburner. We get about six of these a year in the Pac-12.

  5. USC 38, Oregon 35: This was a good game -- and revealing of the Trojans' return to the nation's elite -- but the Ducks were banged up and missed a chip shot field goal to tie in regulation.


I mean other than, "Ted, you Awesome Rocker, you nailed it again! Here's a check for $1,000! Just for being awesome!"