Sampling of your Pac-12 media day questions

We asked you for Pac-12 media day questions. And you responded. A lot.

You guys are very curious.

Here's a sampling.


Olin from Tucson: For Rich Rod: How much can Matt Scott run the ball when there's no depth at quarterback?

Arizona State

Jason from Argyle, Texas: For Magee at ASU. Now that you signed a baseball contract, have there been any steps taken to protect you if you had another injury ... such as insurance?


Jason from the Bay Area: For Keenan Allen: When your brother [QB Zach Maynard] wasn't playing well last year, what was going wrong for him?


Mathieu from San Francisco: For Ray Polk - In light of the injuries and penalties you incurred last year will you look to amp back the number of high impact hits you made last year and focus on making solid in-control hits versus kill shots. For Coach Embree - Do you think that facing the CSU offense in their first game will be an advantage for your team because they will still be learning the Utah State offense or a disadvantage because you won't know any specifics or tendencies about what they will be running


Ben from Spokane, Wash.: For Chip Kelly: Will Barner be seeing as many touches as James did last year? Or will Thomas be sharing the more then normal load for the back up RB.

Oregon State

Kenny from Portland: Can you please ask Coach Riley about the past two years, what he thinks happened, and what he is doing to turn things around? Beaver fans desperately need some confidence boost from the top!


Brian from Denver: Coach Shaw:Do you plan to keep any of your 3 TE formations in place, using Toilolo, Ertz and Hewitt (replacing Fleener)?


Josh from North Tustin, Calif.: To Tevin Mcdonald: who is better at safety? You or your brother?to TJ Mcdonald: who is better at safety? You or your brother?


Ed from San Diego: Question for Lane Kiffin: Will the team return to its normal full contact scrimage routine or will he limit the number of full contact scrimages again this year?What impact will the new coaches Sanders, Martin and Hazelton have on this years team?


Will from Salt Lake City: Thousands of Utah fans want to know if the Utah athletics department really has plans to expand Rice Eccles Stadium some time in the next 5 years?


Spencer from Seattle: To Sark: How do you think baseball will affect Shaq Thompson's development, and will he get some looks on offense at all?To Trufant: What's a reasonable expectation for the defense this year? Put better, how many points will the Husky offense have to score to win? Hypothetical answer: "Not 10, not 20, not 30, not 40, not 50, not 60..."

Washington State

Katie from Spokane: This one is for Jeff Tuel:The last few years, as a student and alumnus, it seems as though the players have become apathetic to the non-winning culture. What would you say has changed about that since Coach Leach has been hired?

Jeff from Bellingham, Wash.: For Mike Leach: Who wins in a dog fight between Scubby Doo and Astro from the Jetsons?


Mark from Seattle: Which team this fall would you most like to defeat and why?If you could pick one player from the Pac-12 who's NOT on your team to present to an alien who knows nothing about the game and say, "THIS is what college football is all about," who would you pick? The most underrated player in the Pac-12 this fall is . . . .? What's the funniest or most outrageous thing (which you can repeat) an assistant has ever muttered into your headset during a game? Which national play-by-play announcer, or color guy, would you like to tee up and boot in the you know where?

Andrew from Seattle: To Larry Scott and/or a coach or high-level executive: Are you at all concerned that with the final four being determined by a selection committee, Pac-12 schools (particularly non-USC schools) might get passed over for business reasons rather than football reasons?

John from Phoenix: Across the board do the HC of the Pac 12 think that under the new 4 team Playoof system that the Pac 12 will get a fair shake?Big 10 and SEC both only have 8 confernce games and normally don't schedule more than one tough OOC game per year. For that reason I see the Pac 12 being at a disadvantage.