On stage ... Colorado

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. -- A summary of Colorado coach Jon Embree and his players:

  • Embree: "We finished with good momentum last year. Our goal is to find a way to get to a bowl game."

  • Embree on Paul Richardson: "I'm a lot more optimistic than I was before. He's been progressing very rapidly. As he does more football movements, we'll have a better feel for if and when he'll be available. I don't think it's something that's out of the question."

  • Embree on culture change: "It takes time to change a culture. We're asking them to do a lot of things they weren't asked to do before ... you have to stick to your vision."

  • Embree on the quarterback competition: "We have three kids we know for sure involved in the competition. Thought Connor Wood had a good spring. Wood, Jordan Webb and Nick Hirschman are the main three competing. Have to wait and see on Shane Dillon."

  • David Bakhtiari on the importance of running the ball without Paul Richardson: "Running the football is an important part of the game. All offensive linemen love when we get a run play. Good line coming in."

  • Ray Polk on budding Utah rivalry: "Utah is always going to be a good opponent. We're still pretty young in this conference and we're trying to figure out where we want to fit in. For me, you look at the best team and you want to make them your rival."

  • Embree on filling all of the holes: "We lose 28 players total. A number of them were significant contributors. I feel good about what we have coming in and helping us continue to move forward."

  • Bakhtiari on rivalries: "We're shooting for the top. Everyone wants to win the Pac-12. We're aiming for the top dogs and that's who we want as our rival. The Utah rivalry is a little media forced. They are a great team and we love playing them. But I see every team as a rival."

  • Bakhtiari on differences between Pac-12 and Big 12: "Fortunate enough to play in both leagues. There are big strong guys in each division ... there are freaks in each league."

  • Polk on differences between Pac-12 and Big 12: "There are so many threats in the Pac-12. You have so many good players in the conference. It's a different ballgame. In the Pac-12 you have two or three great receivers on a team."

  • Polk on summer workouts: "We're working harder than we have before. We're holding player-only meetings on our own and we're getting everyone involved."