Uni Watch: New Oregon uniforms unveiled

Oregon's new uniforms feature more of the feather design on the shoulders seen in the Rose Bowl. Nike

Lots of college football teams have been unveiling new uniforms in recent weeks (we'll have the full breakdown in the annual Uni Watch season-preview column next week), but there's one team that always gets the highest billing: Oregon. And today the Ducks officially unveiled their new look for 2012.

Or least it's sort of new. It's actually just an extension of the design they wore in the Rose Bowl in January, with the super-feathery wings on the shoulders (as opposed to the simpler wings they've worn in recent years). There are four different jersey options, but for now the Ducks and Nike are being coy about how many pant and helmet colors will be available for mixing and matching. Word through the grapevine is that this metallic green helmet will be part of the mix.

Personally, I always liked the winged jerseys from the past few years and don't particularly care for the new feathered design. But that's just my take. What's yours?