Pac-12 Heisman Watch: Week 2

Checking in with our Heisman tracker after Week 1, the numbers aren't overly daunting for the conference's two favorites -- since both Matt Barkley and De'Anthony Thomas were limited once the blowout was on in their respective games. But they are still very solid. Some might even say Heisman-esque. Decide for yourself.

Matt Barkley, USC, quarterback

  • Week 1 numbers: 23-of-38 passing, 372 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptions.

  • What went well: The four touchdowns are a very nice start -- and the fact that he has wide receivers that can turn quick outs into 75-yard scores doesn't hurt either. It was a thoroughly dominating performance from USC and those who tuned in early, just to see what all the hype was about, got a good look at what the Trojans are capable of doing.

  • Any questions? The completion percentage wasn't as high as Barkley probably would have liked. There were a couple of drops, but also a couple of missed balls. The 60.5 percent was well below last season's mark of 69.1 percent and his career mark of 64.3 percent.

De'Anthony Thomas, Oregon, wide receiver/running back

  • Week 1 numbers: Three carries for 64 yards, one rushing touchdown, four catches for 55 yards, two receiving touchdowns. One punt return, six yards.

  • What went well: Everything. Thomas showed his diversity as a player -- scoring through the air and on the ground -- and his explosiveness. He's as dangerous and dynamic of a player as there is in college football.

  • Any questions? The only bad part about Thomas' performance was that we didn't get to see more of it. With the Ducks so far ahead there was no reason to keep him in anyway. That affects his numbers. But he put enough highlights on film to satisfy those outside of the conference who are curious about what he can do.

Keith Price, Washington, quarterback

  • Week 1 numbers: 24-of-34 passing, 213 yards, one touchdown, no interceptions. Rushed six times for 17 yards.

  • What went well: Nothing really jaw-dropping from Price in Week 1, though he was extremely efficient operating the offense, completing 70.6 percent of his throws.

  • Any questions? The fact that he was sacked three times didn't help. Washington had a fairly vanilla attack against the Aztecs. He'll have to impress in the next few weeks to stay on the radar. Winning at LSU would be a good start.