Pac-12 chat wrap

Did you miss the Pac-12 chat on Thursday? And you call yourself an American?

Bad you. Bad.

Well, as a forgiving sort, here's where you go to read it all, in its entire glory.

But here are some highlights.

iBruin (SoCal) Ted, Can UCLA compete for a conference with the same CBs they have been playing for the last two seasons?

Ted Miller (3:00 PM) Price and Hester have skills & experience. Maybe they put it all together as seniors. Taylor Martinez threw 5 TD passes against S. Miss, so we may find out this weekend.

marinersblue96 (Bellevue) Does ASJ have to have a monster game for UW to have a chance vs the Tigers? How do you think Sankey will do going against LSU's monster D-line?

Ted Miller (3:01 PM) Yes.. He seems like Keith Price's best place to dump the ball when under pressure... He also should be a key guy in the red zone... of course, LSU knows this.

Tony (Richmond, CA) Will LSU pound Washington into submission on the ground like Alabama did to Michigan last Saturday?

Ted Miller (3:06 PM) LSU has an experienced, talented O-line -- despite the loss of the starting LT -- and is physical and talented at RB... I think the Tigers goal will be to pound the Huskies then go over top if the Huskies are in man coverage with safeties leaning forward. It will be a huge test for the UW defense to match LSU's physicality.

Dartanian (Paris, France) Wisconsin almost never plays anyone on the road out of conference, heck UNLV almost beat them twice. I think OSU beats them saturday. Am I on an island by myself?

Ted Miller (3:08 PM) I think the Beavers have as good an upset shot as UCLA... There was a lot going on last year when the Beavers went to Madison, and this is more seasoned team playing at home. The reason I didn't pick an upset is I worry that the Beavers won't be able to hold up against the run for four quarters.

Alex (Dallas, TX) You keep saying that SC WILL beat Oregon this season as long as they are at home. You don't seem to want to budge. But do you really really believe that Oregon has no chance to beat them at the coliseum either time? Surely Aliotti won't be fooled two times in one season..

Ted Miller (3:14 PM) I've never, ever, ever said USC WILL beat Oregon... never.. you just invented something inside your brain. I've never, ever, ever even intimated that Oregon has "no chance." I've merely repeated my belief that I favor USC, in large part because of home field advantage. Maybe I change my mind.

Ryan (SLC) Don't you think its a bit early in the season for Utah fans to be hating on Wynn? I think too many Utah fans are too quick to jump on the Wilson bandwagon. No doubt he has the talent to be the next QB, but Wynn is not only our best option, he is a good option. Thoughts?

Ted Miller (3:15 PM) Yes.. too early to give up on Wynn. I do like that Utah is playing Wilson, seeing how he reacts when the lights are on. Wynn does need to step up his game and be more consistent. I still believe he gives the Utes their best chance to win.

Mash (Los Angeles) Ted- How can a Bama team that returns only 10 starters possibly beat a USC team that returns 19 starters and the best QB, best 2 WR's and two of the best RBs in CFB this year! Not to mention the 3 top NFL prospects all on the same team in Barkley, Lee & Woods...Let's face it Michigan was over ranked to help the SEC hype train once again! I think UW could beat Michigan for the record cause Price>Robinson!

Ted Miller (3:18 PM) Well, Alabama seems to have really good players, returning starters or not. I don't think Washington would beat Michigan, but who knows? I seem to remember folks giving USC plenty of "reload not rebuild" benefit of the doubt during the day. I've seen nothing from Alabama to suggest they aren't an elite team. But, yes, if USC and Alabama played, I'd pick the Trojans, even though I ranked Alabama No. 1 this week. I feel like you reward teams that schedule tough games. & we may actually get a real live answer to this question on Jan. 7.

Nervous USC Fan (Irwidnale CA) Any insight or whispers on the Joe Mcnight case???

Ted Miller (3:23 PM) i don't expect it to become a major deal.

Will (Novato, CA) Ted, what are your thoughts on Tedford's decision to sit Maynard? Rumblings out here in the Bay that Maynard is simply not the leader the Bears need at QB (que the intro music for Zach Kline!)

Ted Miller (3:26 PM) If Tedford thought someone else would win more games, he'd play him... it's also a tough one there because of Keenan Allen being Maynard's half-brother. Tedford disciplined a player. It probably cost him. But we typically celebrate coaches who take a hard line. Guessing Tedford and Brady Hoke could benefit from a chat about that.

Chris (Tempe) Does ASU win convincingly at home this weekend? Or was last weekend an aberration?

Ted Miller (3:29 PM) Illinois is a much different team than Northern Arizona. I think the Sun Devils win a close, low-scoring game... their chances are helped if QB nathan scheelhaase doesn't play.

Mike (Folsom, CA) Marcus Mariota was 18 for 22 and three of those misses were flat out drops. If Mariota's accuracy is the real deal, the Ducks haven't had this combination of QB accuracy and speed in the Chip Kelly era. What if this is Oregon's best offense in the CK era to go along with the best defense in the CK era? Will Oregon take over the world?

Ted Miller (3:32 PM) The early returns on a preseason question for the Ducks were very positive: It looks like Marcus Mariota is the real deal. But that was Arkansas State. And at home. We may not want to crown him or the Ducks just yet. Let's see him against better competition first. But I'm just like you: Completely impressed thus far.

Ed (Phoenix ) Stan or Oregon the best defense? aren't you forgetting Utah?

Ted Miller (3:37 PM) Utah has a good defense... I'd rate it behind Stanford and Oregon at this point.

Mark (Denver, CO) Hi Ted. How long do you think it will take Coach Embree to rebuild the Buffs?

Ted Miller (3:39 PM) I think this is going to be a tough year. Team is young, and loss to Colorado State sort of foiled the idea the Buffs could surge against a weak early schedule... I suspect things will start to uptick in 2013 but he's probably going to need 5 years to get back into the Pac-12 race.

Grant (Boston) A friend with no ties to the Pac-12 recently told me he was excited about this season because a good USC is good for college football. What other team in the Pac-12 being 'good' would you consider good for college football?

Ted Miller (3:58 PM) I know you guys don't like Notre Dame, but it would be nice to see the Irish relevant again. I think college football is better when both Michigan and Ohio State are good. I think it would be good for the Pac-12 if Washington again became a perennially ranked team. I miss Miami and Florida State.