Pac-12 chat wrap

Fun chat yesterday -- might have been one of the best ever. And I actually mean it this time. You can check out the full chat here or simply enjoy the De'Anthony Thomas-esque highlights.

Marty (Manhattan, KS): Hey ducks....Hahahahaha. That is all.

Kevin Gemmell (2:01 PM): 35-17. That is all.

Jeremy (Honolulu): I asked this questions last week but now it seems a little more relevant... Who do you see replacing Helfrich as OC now that Chip has, ehem, left for the NFL? #WTD

Kevin Gemmell (2:06 PM): Not sure yet. Depends if they want to stay in house. Gary Campbell might get a shot? Steve Greatwood has some previous experience as the run game coordinator. Let's get the HC in place first and then we can worry about coordinators.

Anthony(Las Vegas) [via mobile]: Will the Pac12 be setting up a grief counseling hotline for us Oregon fans?

Kevin Gemmell (2:08 PM): Yes. That would be Ted's mailbag.

Robert (New York): How much improvement can we expect from Cougars with Yost hiring among other things?

Kevin Gemmell (2:12 PM): I like the move because it just brings a different set of eyes and a fresh take on the offense. Obviously, there are a lot of the same philosophies and beliefs -- but kudos to Mike Leach for making the move and bringing in a fresh perspective.

Freaky Kikki (Tempe): How many losses will it take for USC to start looking for new head coaches next season?

Kevin Gemmell (2:16 PM): I think if there is another seven or eight win season -- coupled with more off-the-field embarrassments (deflated balls, number switching, lying about the coaches poll, jogging away from press conferences when asked about injuries) then he could be gone. If he gets 8-9 and there are zero off-field distractions or issues, he could buy more time.

jeff berez (florida): Hello Kevin, Do you agree with Coach Shaws statement after the Rose Bowl victory that Stanford still doesn't get the respect it deserves? It seems they were a bit low in the final rankings considering they won 8 in a row including victories over 4 straight ranked teams! I feel the Cardinal have a legitimate shot at playing for the BCS Championship game. If they hadn't gagged the game against the Huskies they most likely would have played Notre Dame in a rematch! That would have been a great story.

Kevin Gemmell (2:23 PM): I think Shaw uses the lack-of-respect tactic to keep his players hungry. There is nothing better than an us-vs.-the-world mentality and it obviously works. I don't underestimate Stanford -- but I do think they have some offensive holes that need to be worked out.

CougarBrian (Nendels Inn): There was a lot of hype for WSU's first game this season vs. BYU, and we know how that turned out. With a down Auburn as the Cougs' opener in 2013, do you think expectations will be tempered, or will hype be high due to the Apple Cup win and a lesser(ish) opponent?

Kevin Gemmell (2:25 PM): I think they'll probably be a bit more tempered. 2012 was a reality check that things are going to take a little more time than we all initially thought. Can you believe there were folks out there actually predicting a big win for WSU against BYU (gulp).

Mike (Brussels): Do you think Pep Hamilton will leave Stanford?

Kevin Gemmell (2:27 PM): Not sure. He seems to be making himself available to the market, which is interesting. But I still have trouble believing he would leave for a lateral job as an OC somewhere else. If he gets a head coaching opportunity, he'd take it.

Larry Scott (undisclosed location): Who will be the next coach I lose to the NFL?

Kevin Gemmell (2:43 PM): Interesting question -- Mora or Shaw seem to be the most obvious choices right now. But both seem awfully content. Going to be a couple of years at least until we see another one go to the NFL. Just my guess.

robert (Puyallup, WA): is ASJ the best tight end in the conference now?

Kevin Gemmell (2:43 PM): Conference, yes. Country, yes.

Chip Kelly (Philadelphia): How are the Philly fans going to treat me?

Kevin Gemmell (2:49 PM): Dude, they booed Santa Clause...

Matt (Tucson): Arizona has a ___% chance of successfully replacing matt Scott next season

Kevin Gemmell (2:52 PM): 30. I don't think people appreciate how good Scott was this year. And Carey and Hill both benefited from that.

Nate (Tacoma, WA) [via mobile]: Will the PAC-12 finally join the rest of the leagues in an eight game conference schedule?

Kevin Gemmell (2:58 PM): I hope not. Ted is for the eight-game schedule. I'm still on the fence, but tend to lean more toward the nine-game schedule. I like that winning your conference really means something. Stanford earned its conference title this year.