Oregon State unveils new uniforms, logo

Oregon State is upgrading its duds.

The school unveiled new uniforms, logos, lettering and even new color schemes in a brand identity launch Monday night.

You can see video of Mike Riley and the creative team from Nike here, as well as plenty of images.

From the press release:

OSU and Nike officials worked on a nearly two-year brand evolution program to refine and update the celebrated marks of the University, honoring the rich tradition of academics and athletics. With the goal of developing an innovative and contemporary athletic brand identity, OSU and Nike worked with student-athletes, coaches, administrators and alumni to compile input on the department’s brand attributes.

“Oregon State Athletics has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last 15 years and our new brand identity is another sign that the Beavers continue to confidently move forward,” said Director of Athletics Bob De Carolis. “The ultimate goal for the rebrand is to attract high-caliber student-athletes to a contemporary brand, while respecting our heritage.”

The new Beaver logo features clean, contemporary lines and a modern, confident and timeless graphic structure. The logo accurately reflects the essence of Oregon State Athletics – Heritage, Strength, Victory, United, Innovation, Tenacity, Dedication and Integrity. Through these brand identity updates, Oregon State creates separation and distinction in the marketplace while respecting the past and representing the future.

But the Beavers aren't going all Oregon. As The Oregonian's Lindsay Schnell, perhaps the top fashionista among the nation's college football writers, points out, "The OSU black football socks are inscribed with the words “hip hip hooray.” Very Mike Riley.

Oregon State athletic director Bob De Carolis to The Oregonian: “It’s not about anything that’s going on in Eugene. It’s about trying to get a consistent look for us that has a little bit of a cool factor. We’re going to be plain and simple with the three uniforms. You could do different combinations, but we’re going to stay true to what (Nike) gave us.”

The biggest addition is a fancy new Beaver, who seems to have a little vampire in him. There's also a new, metallic bronze secondary color.

Anyone else miss this guy?

You just know that Beaver would be your ever loyal wingman after 36 holes of golf and loooong night at the tables in Vegas.