How ASU kept its home game with Irish

As previously noted, Arizona State and Notre Dame will play in Tempe on Nov. 8, 2014, which represents a compromise on the Fighting Irish trying to get out of a home-and-home contract with the Sun Devils.

There is, however, an interesting story behind how things got to this point, with Notre Dame giving up a home game in 2017 and being forced to play a road game.

So check out Ivan Maisel's College Football Podcast. His first segment is with Arizona State athletic director Steve Patterson.

Let's just say the Sun Devils grinned widely at the fine print of the original game contract when Notre Dame announced it wanted out. Or the lack thereof: There was no buyout in the contract. There was not only an obligation to play, but also wording that required a major effort to reschedule due to Acts of God.

"Last time I checked, joining the ACC wasn't an Act of God ," Patterson said.

It would have cost the Irish beaucoup dinero to straight cancel the contract. So they are coming to Tempe.

What does this mean for Arizona State? It means a big time program, one that doesn't play road games against just anybody, will give the Sun Devils a marquee Saturday and a sold out stadium.

Now can Todd Graham and company get the W?