Your submitted No. 1 picks

I asked who you'd draft No. 1 overall if you were making an all-time team for your school and you answered with lots of great responses. Here's what you had to say.

Zack in Provo, Utah: 1st pick for the Oregon Ducks, without question, would be HC Chip Kelly, sanctions and all. He epitomizes Oregon football (or maybe the other way around?).

Jeremy in New York: No 1 all-time pick? Kenny Wheaton; you know he's going to score. Plus, he really stoked the fire on one of the Pac-12's premier rivalries.

Russ in Belfair, Wash.: I would draft Drew Bledsoe in the 1st round of a WSU all time draft as he is in my mind the greatest quarterback to come out of a school that produced Jack Thompson, Ryan Leaf, and Jason Gesser.

Devin in Medfrod, Ore.: My first overall draft choice for the Oregon all time team would be Chip Kelly. 46-7. He took the program to heights it has never seen before, change the culture in Eugene, a culture that shouldn't change anytime soon. Close second would be Uncle Phil.

Penfield in Oakland, Calif.: Oregon is my team, so if we're given 1 overall pick, and if coaches are included as a category, then I would have to pick Chip Kelly. And it's hard to even imagine another possible pick.

Kevin in Des Moines, Wash.: In response to your all-time draft, as a U-Dub fan I have to go with: Steve Emtman - A Dominant force on the defensive side of the ball, boasting tons of accolades and a highlight reel longer than a Wazzu keg line.

SoCal Jim in Anaheim, Calif.: Pete Carroll. As a head coach, Pete brought 'em in, coached 'em up, and turned 'em loose better than anyone, anywhere for 7 years!

John in Oakland, Calif.: Oregon -- 1st Round All-Time Draft Pick: Mel Renfro. It's all about the versatility; Renfro provides a lockdown starter at either CB or S; shares RB duties with LaMichael James and Jonathan Stewart; returns kicks and punts...and stars on the track team too!

DXBeav in Corvallis, Ore.: Oregon State, Steven Jackson. It was tough between him and Terry Baker. But Steven was a beast when he took the field at Reser, if he would have stayed another year, OSU would have 2 Heisman winners.

Josh in Berkeley, Calif.: Cal: Aaron Rodgers (is an explanation necessary?)

Keith in Los Angeles: UCLA: Jonathan Ogden. So many great QBs to choose from, you can wait a round or three to still get a great one, but whoever it ends up being their blindside will be well protected with Ogden manning left tackle.

John in San Francisco: Oregon State: Steven Jackson. Sorry Terry Baker, but in the non-existent game of 1 on 1 football, who would win, you or SJ?

aztri81 in Phoenix: Drafting ASU's all-time team--Pat Tillman: American Hero and one heck of Sun Devil on the football field.

Brian in Torrance, Calif.: Draft choice for UCLA: Kenny Washington. Besides his accomplishments at UCLA (led the nation in total offense in 1939, 34 year school record of 1914 yards rushing and the school's first consensus All-American), he was the first African American to play in the modern NFL era.

James in Redmond, Wash.: Washington #1 Draft Pick - Steve Emtman, because he was the best player on the best defense the Pac-12 ever had - and certainly one of the top 10 defensive ends in the history of college football.

Puddles the Duck in Eugene, Ore.: Marcus Mariota. The first player in Oregon history to win a Heisman trophy and MVP in the national championship game.

Brian in Lake Oswego, Ore.: Dave Wilcox (NFL HOF & seven Pro Bowls) from Oregon. Go DUCKS!!!

Chris in Stanford, Calif.: Andrew Luck as #1 pick for the Stanford Cardinal All-History Team. Combo of elite ability and effortless leadership means he improves the team around him--an all-in-one player, coach, and ambassador for the school.

Chris in Baton Rouge, La.: My mind originally jumped to: Andrew Luck? Or John Elway? Until I realized that my #1 pick would have to be Bill Walsh, no question.

Ed in Cameron Park, Calif.: First pick for the all-time Cal team: Joe Roth QB, narrowly over Steve Bartkowski and Chuck Muncie. Due to his untimely death we never saw what he could do a pro but he was as good as anyone while he was here. And the character he displayed in the face of his own impending death will be an inspiration forever.

grovetwin in Eugene, Ore.: My #1 pick for Oregon would be Norm Van Brocklin. He is an NFL Hall of Famer, was an All-American, finished sixth in the Heisman voting, had a 16-5 record (back when Oregon wasn't that good) and led the team to a PCC title. He also served our country in the Navy and is a WWII vet.

Heavy D in Shoreline, Wash.: Washington: WR Reggie Williams, simply unstoppable at 6'4'' 220 pounds...and gangsta.

Richard Bainbridge Island, Wash.: Arizona State Sun Devils - In the years before freshmen were eligible, from 1971 through 1973 WOODY GREEN rushed for still-standing records of 4,188 yards and 39 touchdowns, leading the Sun Devils to Fiesta Bowl wins over Florida State (45-38), Missouri (49-35) and Tony Dorsett-led Pittsburgh (28-7) with final AP rankings of 8, 13 and 9 respectively.

Jason in Agyle, Texas: For ASU I think you have to go with Terrell Suggs. He was so dominant at the college level and carried that through the NFL. Danny White would be right there. Darren Woodson and Jake Plummer would get consideration also.

Victor in Eugene, Ore.: Kenny Wheaton is the #1 overall pick for the Oregon Ducks, without him Football in Eugene means nothing. Period.

Andrew in Agoura Hills, Calif.: Matt Leinart - Pay no attention to the old-timers with their outdated "Tailback U" arguments, Leinart is one of the five greatest college QBs of all-time. 'Nuff said.

Jeff in Phoenix (but his heart is in Eugene): My pick is probably the greatest Oregon Quarterback of all time: The Dutchman, Norm Van Brocklin... He passed and kicked, he led his team to a 9-1 record and the '48 Cotton Bowl (first PCC school to appear there), and went on to be an NFL player, coach and commentator.

Alex in Salt Lake City: For Utah, my number one draft pick goes to coach Urban Meyer. Sure, he's got commitment issues but he wins everywhere he goes, including his 2003-2004 stint with Utah.

Ryan in Salt Lake City: Eric Weddle. The most dominant defensive player Utah has ever had, twice the conference DPOY and Consensus All-American, he was the heart and soul of the Utes for 4 years and also the most versatile player ever, playing cornerback, safety, running back, punter, punt returner and quarterback!!!

Ver in Salt Lake City: Utah, Luther Elliss, 1991-1994. First-team All-Conference 1992, 1993 and 1994, consensus first-team All American 1994, and THE definitive player on the first Ute team to win 10 games and finish the season ranked in the top 10.

Future Junior Deputy in Palo Alto: Stanfords #1 pick:Andrew Luck. Because Luck is on his side, and I want the Pac-12 Blog Junior Deputy Badge (fictitious).

Snada in Rodeo, Calif.: I would take Reggie Bush. Even though he was in some trouble that doesn't take away from what he did on the field. He changed the way running backs ran in College as well in high schools.

Mike in North Bend, Wash.: Steve Emtman, duh ...However, since the SC guys were picking coaches, and the head coach in college football is the by far most important person responsible for the success (or lack thereof) of a program, Don James is the most important person in the history of Husky Football.

Herb in Houston: O.J. Simpson. He had world class speed (was a member of USC's world record 440 relay), could cut on a dime, size, always broke one for a score, and was the best college football player in both 1967 and 1968.

Ron in Newbury Park, Calif.: TB Marcus Allen. As a freshman played FB, blocking for Charles White, more versatile than OJ, huge yards gained per game, excelled at the next level, just plain the best among an outstanding group.

Kevin in Good Year, Ariz.: Terrell Suggs - Arizona StateOne of the best all-time college and pro DE's in history.

Daniel in Los Angeles: Aaron Rodgers for #1 all-time pick for my team. No question he led Cal's resurgence from irrelevancy to near-championship game (nine yards and four downs away from beating USC in 2004) and set the stage for years of good Cal teams.