Pac-12 coaches ESPN car wash!

It's Pac-12 media week -- coast to coast! -- and I am at this very moment on a flight to the home office in Bristol, Conn., in order to chat with conference coaches as they go with what ESPN likes to call the "car wash."

What's that?

Well, there's this big machine at ESPN headquarters with giant rollers that soaks, soaps, scrubs and waxes down the coaches, giving them a fine 2013 season coaching sheen! It likely will be the only shower many of them take the entire season.

Or ... it's about going through a series of interviews with various ESPN media platforms, including your favorite platform: yours truly.

The North Division coaches will be on hand Wednesday, the South on Thursday. I will, of course, be providing updates -- videos and tidbits of interest. So check in.

Then all 12 coaches and yours truly will jet back across the country for the official Pac-12 media day on Friday in Los Angeles. We will be joined there by Kevin, who apparently spent last week climbing Mt. Everest wearing only his favorite red Speedo.

So there's a lot going on. And that means the offseason has hit its home stretch. Games are just around the corner.