2013 Pac-12 attendance dips slightly

While Pac-12 attendance was down slightly in 2013 compared to 2012 -- an average of 53,586 compared to 53,619 the previous season -- three conference teams ranked among the nation's leaders in posting the biggest gains from last year, including Washington, which ranked No. 1 in increased attendance.

Stanford increased its attendance by 7,383 to 50,726, the seventh-biggest gain. Arizona State was up 5,854 to 62,689, the 10th-biggest gain.

You can see all the figures here.

Overall, the Pac-12 ranked No. 4 behind the SEC (75,674), Big Ten (70,431) and Big 12 (58,899).

The biggest reason the Pac-12 was slightly down was USC, whose attendance dipped by nearly 15,000 fans this year. In large part, that was because of fans showing their frustration with former coach Lane Kiffin.