Ranking Pac-12 South schedules

Here's a look at how the Pac-12's 2014 South Division nonconference schedules stack up. You can see the North Division here. (*-denotes FCS team)

The South Division plays a much better slate of nonconference games than the North.

1. USC: Aug. 30, Fresno State (11-2); Sept. 13, at Boston College (7-6); Nov, 29, Notre Dame (9-4)

While Fresno State and Boston College aren't marquee opponents, they are both FBS teams that played in bowl games last year. And the annual matchup with Notre Dame means the Trojans always have at least one quality nonconference matchup.

2. UCLA: Aug. 30, at Virginia (2-10); Sept. 6, Memphis (3-9); Sept. 13, in Cowboys Stadium, Texas (8-5)

Three FBS foes, though two lousy ones. On the other hand, two of the games are on the road, and the matchup with Texas could announce the Bruins as national title contenders.

3. Utah: Aug. 28, Idaho State (7-6)*; Sept. 6, Fresno State (11-2); Sept. 20, at Michigan (7-6)

Fresno State won't be as good this fall as last year because QB Derek Carr is off to the NFL, and Michigan has fallen back in the Big Ten. Still, two quality foes here with a tough road trip to the Big House.

4. Arizona State: Aug, 28, Weber State (2-10)*; Sept. 28, at New Mexico (3-9); Nov. 8, Notre Dame (9-4)

An FCS team and a visit to New Mexico won't wow anyone, but the Sun Devils are goosed that the Fighting Irish are coming to Tempe, which they really, really didn't want to do.

5. Arizona: Aug. 30, UNLV (7-6); Sept. 6, at UTSA (7-5); Sept. 13, Nevada (4-8)

This is the second consecutive year that Arizona, a team that through the years had consistently scheduled tough nonconference games, such as LSU, Iowa and Oklahoma State, will play a milquetoast slate. Want to improve attendance? Improve this lineup.

6. Colorado: Aug. 30 in Denver, Colorado State (8-6); Sept. 6, at UMass (1-11); Sept. 20, Hawaii (1-11)

Colorado State is a team that's moving up in the Mountain West Conference, and this is a rivalry game. UMass and Hawaii are among the worst teams in FBS.