Where does your team's coaching job rank?

Athlon has ranked the FBS coaching jobs from No. 1 to No. 128, and I suspect you'll be curious where the Pac-12 jobs fall.

But first, the methodology:

With all of this in mind, we have tried to rank the jobs in college football based on the attractiveness from a coaching perspective. As we mentioned above, many factors were considered. Tradition, facilities, location, budget and recruiting ability are just a few things we considered. But in the end, we simply asked ourselves the following question: Where would we want to coach if we had a blank slate and all of the jobs were open?

Texas ranked No. 1, Florida No. 2 and Alabama No. 3. USC came next and led the Pac-12.

Here's how the Pac-12 programs rank (number is national ranking):

4. USC

12. Oregon

18. UCLA

23. Washington

33. Stanford

38. Arizona State

39. Arizona

43. California

53. Colorado

54. Oregon State

55. Utah

63. Washington State

Though you certainly could quibble with these rankings, they are defensible. And keep in mind this is at the present moment. Ten or even five years ago, these would look different.

Further, just because a job seems challenging doesn't mean the right coach can't sustain success. Oregon State, Utah and Washington State have been more successful over the past decade than many of the teams ahead of them. Colorado was a consistent national power from 1989 to 2002.

And by the way, the Cougars have played in two Rose Bowls since 1997, something only USC, Oregon and Stanford can match.