Hundley stars as UCLA 'Campus Enforcer'

Brett Hundley didn’t just return to UCLA to play football for another year. Apparently, he’s also laying down the law as a “Campus Enforcer.”

Hundley might be the star of the 3-minute, 16-second video clip, but it’s former fullback Luke Gane who steals the show as Hundley’s “Hype Man.” Per a school spokesman, Gane put the video together as part of the UCLA Spring Sing, an annual campus-wide talent show.

The two roam campus stopping students from talking in class, smoking and promoting good eating habits. That is, until Hundley breaks the rules himself ... (cue the dramatic music).

There’s also a cameo by UCLA coach Jim Mora, a subtle pitch to donate to the school’s new football facility and a playful shot at rival USC.

It won’t win any Oscars, but it’s good for a laugh on a Tuesday afternoon in the offseason. Enjoy.