Pac-12 betting odds in 2014

We're a little over five months away from the first Pac-12 championship game at Levi's Stadium, but it's not too early to bet on who will be there -- and other things, of course.

Among its division, conference and national-championship odds for college football, online sports book Bovada has made Oregon a 6/5 favorite to win the Pac-12 championship. The Ducks are a 1/2 favorite to emerge out of the North Division and are projected to meet UCLA, a 3/2 favorite in the South.

Following Oregon, here are the rest of the odds to win the Pac-12: UCLA 4/1, Stanford 5/1, USC 5/1, Arizona State 6/1, Washington 14/1, Arizona 25/1, Washington State 25/1, Oregon State 33/1, Utah 66/1, California 100/1 and Colorado 100/1.

What does it mean? Not much, really. However, it's an interesting gauge at how Vegas feels the public will bet.

Nothing jumped out as all too surprising, but I thought there would be a small gap between Stanford and USC/ASU considering the Cardinal's recent run of success.

If you'd prefer to bet on individual divisions, they have that covered, too.

  • North: Oregon 1/2, Stanford 3/1, Washington 6/1, Washington State 12/1, Oregon State 14/1, Cal 50/1.

  • South: UCLA 3/2, Arizona State 2/1, USC 2/1, Arizona 10/1, Utah 33/1, Colorado 50/1

The Ducks (8/1) come in just behind Florida State (11/2) and Alabama (6/1) on the odds list for the national championship. We'll go ahead and extrapolate that to mean Bovada is suggesting another run of the "We Want 'Bama" shirts for a potential semifinal in the new college football playoffs.

After Oregon, the rest of the Pac-12 odds for a national title are: UCLA 16/1, USC 25/1, Stanford 33/1, Arizona State 66/1, Arizona 100/1, Washington 100/1, Oregon State 200/1 and California 500/1.

A quick (albeit pretty much meaningless) takeaway here is that ASU and USC have the same odds to get to the Pac-12 championship game, but their odds to win the national title are significantly different. Feel free throw out your own rationale in the comments.

Also, if you planned on setting yourself up for life with a big bet on Colorado, Utah or WSU to win the national championship, you'll have to look elsewhere. Bovada doesn't currently offer those bets.