Best of Mike Leach's Reddit AMA

Washington State coach Mike Leach was over at Reddit Friday to field questions from redditors in an AMA (ask me anything).

It's worth heading over there to take in the full experience, but here are some of the more entertaining topics discussed.

On the campaign by some Texas Tech fans trying to get Leach's former employer to pay him his salary from the 2009 season:

"I've always been flattered and appreciative of the support I had at Texas Tech. We had a great 10 years and I had the opportunity to spend time with a lot of great people there, so I really appreciate it. I saw the letter in the paper and it is pretty accurate. Texas Tech has not paid me for the last season that I worked in 2009, which is hard to imagine."

On how the role of legalized marijuana in Washington relates to WSU football:

"The marijuana rule has not been a problem for us. It is illegal on our team and if we find anyone using marijuana, we will dismiss them from the team. With all do respect to those who enjoy marijuana, I believe that it is very counterproductive to having the best focused and most productive football team that I can have. Any of our players or coaches interested in it will have to do it after they finish their time here!"

On if he think ESPN's "College GameDay" will head to Pullman this year:

"The game I am always looking forward to is the next one because they are all exciting and you only get so many opportunities. Yes I think ESPN GameDay will come here. With the direction our program is headed and the new facilities we have built here, it will obviously be a big draw. You can check out our facilities on our Twitter page @wsucougfb. When we were at Texas Tech, we were the only team in history to have ESPN GameDay to come to our place twice and be a part of it three times in one season."

From his book, about Geronimo:

"One story in the book not to be missed would be how the Apaches would hunt ducks. Check it out!"

Favorite pizza topping:

"Canadian bacon, black olives and mushrooms."

On Taco Bell's much-anticipated arrival in Pullman:

"Over the years, I have eaten at a number of Taco Bell's and they are all very similar yet I am excited to eat the new one here in Pullman!

Believe it or not, my order always includes the original bean burrito and the original taco, and then I will venture out on another item or two. I do, however, miss Mongolian Fire, which is the restaurant that used to be there."