Pac-12 QB Power Rankings: Week 2

The Pac-12 typically has great quarterbacks and good depth at the position, but the 2014 season is particularly stacked behind center. With 10 returning starters, including a handful who are expected to be All-American candidates and early NFL draft picks, it’s almost difficult to keep up with who’s doing what to whom’s secondary.

No worries. We’ve got you covered. Each week, we will provide you a top-five ranking of the Pac-12 QBs.

Now, it won’t always be a 1 to 5 ranking according to the expected pecking order at season’s end or NFL draft lists. It will react heavily to the preceding week. And we’ll try to spread some love. If our ratings seem inconsistent and they frustrate you at times, well, we just feel so horrible about that.

Honorable mention: Sefo Liufau, Colorado, almost made the list for picking up a win for Colorado. He completed 26 of 42 passes for 318 yards and threw three touchdowns and one pick. That alone is really darn impressive. However, his adjusted QBR was 57. Wilson was at 68 and Mannion was at 75. This list isn’t just about the QBR scale but it is taken into consideration. Congrats, Liufau and the Buffs on the win, but you just missed the power rankings this week. Have that kind of a performance against a conference foe and you’ll see your name on this list for sure. Arizona State's Taylor Kelly completed 11 passes for 192 yards and threw two touchdowns in the Sun Devils' win over New Mexico, which is impressive, but not enough to warrant a place on this week's list.

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